We´re not sure this is about us, everything in this site is about you. From why we do it, to how we do it, to what we do.

Our Story

Creations to reconnect

Since the beginning of time, healthy relationships are a key part of life. In ancient Greece, it was believed that intimacy was directly connected to love, the cosmos and the power of the Gods; it was freely enjoyed and encouraged by all citizens.

So, when did we become so reserved about it? Who told us it was bad to enjoy it and encourage it? How did it become such a big taboo to have fun, to connect and reconnect?

For the past few years, our mission has been to help individuals and couples reconnect with each other physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to help you reignite the fire that makes intimacy enjoyable and we want to give you the tools to do it. We want you to have stronger connections with your partner and live a fuller, happier and well satisfied life.

We are just a small team of people that found joy in spreading happiness so we can change the world one couple at a time.

Our Solution

One Box...everything in it.

First of all, the solution is in you, in the will to re-engage, in loosening up, in letting go and enjoying the experience without any preconceptions, taboos or social standards. If you’re here at least you are willing to try it.

Oh right, the box. We made one that is fun to give as a present, fun enough to talk about it and that will provide everything you need to light up a journey that will bring you nothing but smiles, new ways to connect and a new outlook on pleasure.

Our Commitment

Great ideas. Safe products.

We are not taking any naps. Every day our in-house team is working on finding new products, creating new concepts and testing new materials. We work together with sexuality experts to provide you with new ideas and body-safe toys to spice up your sex life.